Ready to put a soundtrack to your week?

We are.

you can find the LIVE RADIO FEED (or button to listen live) here in autumn 2019

what is FIRE?

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your on-air community

we're a radio station passionate about connecting people, choosing music you might never otherwise have found, and discussing the most important topics.

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wherever you are, so are we

find us on the app*, connect with us over social media, or listen* on the website

*app and live stream launching autumn 2019

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podcasts & live radio

whether you like to tune in live on your commute to work or choose exactly what you listen to when, we give you the choice.

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have something to say?

we're always open to new ideas and people. whether you want to talk solo or you prefer to bounce off your friend, if you've got an intelligent, funny, and well thought-out idea for a radio show, let us know.